There are two types of QR Codes that you can generate—Static and Dynamic. 

A Static QR Code is a basic QR Code (just like a barcode) in which your target content is hard-coded directly into the QR Code. These QR Codes will continue to work for a lifetime without any subscription and they have no dependency on the service provider.

A Dynamic QR Code is an advanced QR Code in which the service provider's URL is hard-coded into the QR Code, which then redirects users to your target content. This allows the service provider to offer features like editing, tracking, password-protection, etc. Since the service provider's URL is hard-coded into the QR Code, they can control the validity and features depending on your subscription.

So, if you've created a Static QR Code, you can re-create the same QR Code in your Scanova account by generating the same type of QR Code with the same content. However, it won't be of much use as Static QR Codes are non-editable and non-trackable.

On the other hand, if you've created a Dynamic QR Code, you will not be able to re-create the same QR Codes in your Scanova account as your QR Codes have the URL of your previous service provider hard-coded in them and that URL can't be changed. Without Scanova's URL in the QR Codes, we will not be able to offer you any features.

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