Using Ticket Generator, you can mention the following details:

  • Event Name

  • Description

  • Event Dates, Timing, and Timezone

  • Venue Address

  • Notes/Terms and Conditions

Note that these details (fixed) above will be printed on all tickets. 

Variable Information

Ticket Generator also gives the option to add variable information that will be unique to each ticket. 

There are no restrictions here and you can add any data as long as the number of data points do not exceed 5.  

Commonly used data points are—guest name, ticket price, seat number, seating row, seating section, and hall number. 

See this guide for more information on variable ticket information.  

If you still have questions related to this topic, feel free to reach our customer support team at [email protected]. Our team typically replies within 24 hours on working days.  

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