Depending on your use case, you can choose from the following five products that we offer: 

A. QR Code Generator:
An easy to use DIY tool using which you can generate custom-designed QR Codes (Static/Dynamic) one-by-one, manually. If you create Dynamic QR Codes, you'll need an ongoing subscription to keep them active. See our plans and pricing

B. QR Batch:
You can generate custom-designed Static QR Codes in bulk—upto 100,000 (per batch) using this online tool. This tool is useful if you already have the data to be saved in the QR Codes, but can't be used to generate QR Codes on the go like an API

Pricing of this tool depends on the number of QR Codes you create. Click here to see QR Batch pricing calculator.

You can generate QR Codes in bulk—upto 1 million /month by integrating Scanova’s Static QR Code Generation API with your own information system or mobile app and generate a QR Code anytime you need (based on a trigger request).

Note that the generation of QR Codes via API will be dependent on our servers and can generate Static QR Codes only. The Static QR Codes that are generated will work forever, but the API will work only till the time you have a subscription with us. See API Playground & Documentation.

Our SDK is a javascript-based software package that you can add to your own source code. You can then make API calls locally, allowing you to generate custom-designed Static QR Codes at a fast rate. Also, this removes any dependency on us such as limit on API calls, network delays, weekend support, etc.

We offer the Static QR Code Generation SDK on a lifetime licensing basis for a one-time fee. The pricing includes support and maintenance for 6 months. Click here to know more about our SDK.

E. Ticket Generator:
Ticket Generator is a web application that helps you authorize event guests with a mobile app on your smartphone using one-time scannable QR Code tickets. Along with the ease of ticket generation, it allows faster and accurate check-in of authorized guests without the requirement of any expensive hardware. Click here to know more about our Ticket Generator.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at [email protected]

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