Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create an Event QR Code:

  1. Go to Scanova's Event QR Code generator page. You'll need to login/sign-up for a Scanova account to proceed

  2. Start customizing the landing page by adding title and banner images (upto three)

  3. Next, specify the date, time, duration, and venue of the event. Also, add Google Maps location of the venue

  4. Add event description such as details about event, list of speakers, etc. Note that you can add as many description boxes as you want from layout elements under ‘Add event details’ heading on the top

  5. Further, you’ll have the option to add button. You can use this button to redirect guests to your website, to watch a video, or to even view an image gallery

  6. To add RSVP option, choose RSVP from layout elements. Specify the email address where you want to receive responses. You can also specify till when the guests can respond and the number of additional guests allowed

  7. Further if you also want guests to share event on their social media profiles, you can also add ‘Social sharing buttons’ from layout elements. Enter the text and select social platforms of your choice

  8. Once you’ve added all the event details, click View Landing Page Preview. If everything looks fine, click on Create QR Code

  9. You'll see a dialog box, asking you to name and save the QR Code. Once you've finalized all the details, click on Save

  10. You can then proceed to Design and Download your QR Code

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