Exact GPS Location is a feature offered by Scanova with the help of which you'll be able to see the visits on your QR Code by exact geo-location which means it helps you know the exact map coordinates and address of the QR Code scan.

Here's how you can get a QR Code for GPS Location and track analytics:

A. Enable GPS tracking

1.Using Scanova’s QR Code generator, create a dynamic QR Code of your choice, A Dynamic QR Code is trackable and editable. It allows you edit the data anytime you want without changing the QR Code. This means you don’t need to reprint the QR Code every-time you make changes to the data

2. While saving the QR Code, tick Get exact GPS location of scan and click Save
3. Subscribe with Scanova’s PRO plan. Note that GPS location data is an exclusive feature of the PRO plan

You can even turn on the GPS location tracker for older QR Codes. Simply go to Saved QR Codes and select the QR Code you want. Turn on Get exact GPS location of scan and click Update

Note that users will need to give location permission in order to access their location.

B. See the GPS data analytics

To see the exact GPS location of QR Code scans:

1.Open Scanova’s QR Code generator and go to Saved QR Codes

2. Click Analytics for the QR Code you want

3. You’ll be able to see the Visits by exact geo-location

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