You can use Scanova's API for automated static QR Code generation in your  own information system or mobile app.

There are total 12 types of QR Codes that you can generate using Scanova's API.

1- URL QR Code:

By creating a URL QR Code, you can drive traffic to your website. Just enter the page URL and generate your QR Code. 

2- Text QR Code:

You can display your choice of Text when users scan your QR Code using Text QR Code. You'll simply need to add the desired text.

3- Facebook QR Code:
You just need to add your Facebook page URL.

Once scanned, this QR Code will lead your customer to your Facebook page.

4- Linkedin QR Code:
You can add a LinkedIN QR Code on documents such as resume and business card.
When scanned, it will redirect the end-users to your LinkedIn profile.

5- VCard QR Code:
create a Business Card QR Code and add it to your card. A Business Card QR Code allows people you meet to save your contact details on their smartphones.

6- Wifi QR Code:
Your guests or employees can access your Wifi network by scanning a Wifi QR Code. All you need to do is specify your Wifi security details

7- Google Maps QR Code:
 If you want to share your exact location with your visitors, then create a Maps QR Code. enter map coordinates and generate your QR Code. 

8- Youtube QR Code:
Create a Youtube QR Code to get people to see your video on Youtube from your print media promotions. All you need is the Youtube URL to the video.

9- Phone call QR Code:
A potential customer can dial your phone number just by scanning your Contact QR Code using this QR Code.

10- Create a tweet QR Code:
Scanning your Twitter QR Code will generate a pre-loaded tweet on their smartphones. They just need to click on the Tweet button to post the Tweet.

11- Create an Email QR Code:
Your audience can send you an email by scanning an Email QR Code. The default email application opens with your email address in the recipient field.

12- Create an SMS QR Code:
When user scan your SMS QR Code, a pre-loaded SMS generates on their phones.

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