Static QR Code Generation & Design SDK is a software package that can be integrated directly into other information systems and applications to:

(i) Generate Static QR Codes that can be encoded with the following information categories: URL, Text, Facebook URL (modification of URL), LinkedIn URL (modification of URL), VCard (Contact Information), Wifi Network Credentials, Google Maps Location, Youtube URL (modification of URL), Phone Number, Tweet, Email Address, and Pre-loaded Text Message with Recipient Phone Number

(ii) Create QR Codes with Custom logo and Custom background designs

Software Languages and Dependencies:

Static QR Code Generation & Design SDK is developed using JavaScript and extensively uses Node.js module corresponding to HTML Canvas (node-canvas), and Fabric.js to generate custom-designed static QR Codes. The API is exposed using Express.js and the documentation (SDK Playground) is built using Swagger

Note that this SDK Package is equivalent to Scanova's Web API in terms of capabilities. But since you can make API calls locally using SDK, it allows you to generate custom-designed QR Codes at a must faster rate. Also, this removes any dependency on us such as limit on API calls, network delays, technical failures, weekend support, etc.

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