You can choose from 20 different types of QR Codes for customer engagement. Based on what you want your target audience to do, you can create a QR Code of appropriate type. Here is list of actions that you can get your audience to take:

1. See a webpage

By creating a website QR Code, you can drive traffic to your website. Just enter the page URL and generate your QR Code. Here’s how you can create Website QR Code.

2. View your location on Google Maps

If you want to share your exact location with your visitors, then create a Maps QR Code. Search for a location or enter map coordinates and generate your QR Code. Whoever scans this QR Code will be able to see your exact location. This is how you can create a Maps QR Code.

3. See your complete profile with downloadable contact details

You can create a personal page with all your contact information and share it with people. All they need to do is scan the Dynamic Vcard QR Code from your business card. They can also save you as a contact on their smartphones. Create a Dynamic Vcard QR Code now.

4. Get access to all your social media pages

You can create a Social Media QR Code that gives your audience access to all your social media links.

5. See a PDF

You can also show an entire PDF to your target audience with a PDF QR Code. When scanned, the PDF will open in the browser of the scanning device. See how you can create a PDF QR Code.

6. See a Wedding Invitation

 With a Wedding QR Code on your invitation card, you can:

a. Share Google Maps location of the venue with guests

b. Share your couple journey photos and videos

c. Get your guests mark the event in their calendars

d. Help your guests RSVP with their smartphones

7. See an event invitation

Just like a Wedding QR Code, you can also create an Event QR Code. This QR Code, when scanned, redirects guests to view event information such as venue location, event description, etc.

8. Get engaged with your product packaging

You can add a QR Code on the packaging of your product to:

  • Provide your product’s detailed information to the buyers

  • Suggest a cooking recipe

  • Showcase your product range

  • Create awareness about your campaigns

9. See an image

For images such as product image, safety instructions, etc., you can create an Image QR Code. When scanned, the QR Code will open the image in a browser on the scanning device. Here’s a quick guide on how to create an Image QR Code.

10. Download your mobile application

If you want to give your potential users an easy way to download your mobile app, then create an App Store QR Code. An iPhone user gets redirected to the App Store and an Android user to the Google Play store. This is how you can create an App Store QR Code.

11. Listen to an audio file

For audio files like music, podcast, or audio tutorial, you can create an Audio QR Code. Just upload the audio file of your choice and generate a QR Code. When scanned, this QR Code will play the uploaded audio file on the scanning device. Create an Audio QR Code now.

12. Show a page with a lot of text

Let’s say you want to share a full page of text such as:

  • Terms & conditions

  • Safety instructions

  • Technical specifications

  • Description of an art piece

  • Side effects

You will need a landing page with formatted text capabilities such as the Rich Text QR Code. When scanned, the QR Code will open a page with content specified by you. Create a Rich Text QR Code now.

13. Follow you on Instagram

If you want people to follow you on Instagram, you can simply create an Instagram QR code. This QR Code, when scanned, will redirect end-users to your Instagram profile.

14. Get a coupon

For print promotional campaigns, you can share a mobile coupon with your target customers. When scanned, a Coupon QR Code will redirect to a mobile coupon landing page customized by you. See how to create a Coupon QR Code.

15. Send you payment via PayPal

You can receive payments for your products or services, via PayPal. It also includes donations. All you need is a PayPal QR Code. For this, you just need to add your account email ID, product name, value, and currency. This will ensure that your customers have an easy option to send you a payment.

16. Read a Word document

You can use QR Codes to share Word documents too. End-users simply need to scan this QR Code to view the document. There are multiple ways to create a Word Document QR Code. You can choose the one that suits you the best.

17.  Like your Facebook page

Trying to get potential customers to like your Facebook page? Create a Facebook LikeQR Code. You just need to know your Facebook page URL.

Once scanned, this QR Code will lead your customer to your Facebook page where they can Like your page.

Note that it is not possible to Like your page just by scanning the QR Code as Facebook restricts this.

18. Watch a video

Create a video QR Code which, when scanned, redirect audience to watch a video. Click here to see how to do this, 

19. Tweet about you

See how you can create a Twitter QR Code.

20. See your LinkedIn Profile

You can add a LinkedIN QR Code on documents such as resume and business card.

When scanned, it will redirect the end-users to your LinkedIn profile.

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