For enterprise customers, Scanova offers the Static QR Code Generation & Design SDK package at the following terms:

  1. A lifetime license will be offered to the enterprise for a one-time fee and the enterprise can install the software on its own web servers, removing any dependencies from Scanova

  2. Scanova will still have the ownership rights to this software package and the enterprise cannot resell it or share it with any other company. Neither can the enterprise enter into a competing business of generating custom-designed QR Codes

  3. Scanova will share any updates, maintenance releases, and bug-fixes made to the package

  4. Scanova will provide detailed documentation and technical support for 6-months

To know more about the licensing fee, please share the following information at [email protected] :

  • Company name and website

  • Name and official email ID of the point-of-contact

  • Company address and where software will be used

  • Use case in detail

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