There are two types of QR Codes that you can create via Scanova- Static QR Codes and Dynamic QR Codes.

A Static QR Code is a basic QR Code (just like a barcode) that is permanent but lacks functionality such as editing content anytime, tracking scans and getting analytics, generating leads, etc. When a Static QR Code is generated, it will work forever without any subscription.
Note that Static QR Codes are not available in Free Trial. This means that in order to create a Static QR Code, you'll need to subscribe to one of our plans. See  Plans&Pricing.
Your Static QR Code will then remain active forever. This means that once you have created a Static QR Code, you'll not have to pay for a recurring subscription.

A Dynamic QR Code is an advanced QR Code that allows you to edit content anytime, track scans, switch on/off anytime, and generate leads. But unlike a static QR Code, a Dynamic QR Code works only till the time you have a subscription with QR Code service provider.

We offer a 14-day Free Trial for Dynamic QR Codes. However, your QR Code will automatically get deactivated after the free trial if you do not start subscription. The QR Code(s) will remain in your account and become active as soon as you start subscription.

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