To show a map with multiple locations, you'll have to create one on Google Maps and then embed its link into a QR Code. Here's how:

1. Add multiple locations on Google Maps

  • Go to Google Maps and ensure that you're signed in. In case you're not, login using the button on the top right corner. Also, make sure that your map has public access

  • Next, click Menu icon at the top left corner

  • Click Your Places > Maps > Create Map

  • A new window will open. Here you'll have to name your map and add a description. Once you do it, click Save

  • Pinpoint the location you want to show. You can do it manually by clicking the marker icon and placing it onto the map. Or you can also search for locations via the search box

Note that you can name the location and add it to add it to the map if you're adding locations manually. If you're using the search box, a green marker will appear. You can click Add the map link.

Repeat these steps for each location to be added to the map. Once your map is complete, copy the 'link to share'.

2. Create a Website URL QR Code

  • Login to your Scanova account and select Website URL option from QR Code categories

  • Paste the maps link that you copied earlier

  • Click Create QR Code

  • Next, you'll see three QR Code designs with options to Customise and Download—standard black-and-white, custom with logo, and custom with background

  • Once your QR Code is ready, say after you design it, click Download

  • A pop-up will appear prompting you to specify QR Code image size and format. Once you Specify the details, click Export

That's it. Your QR Code will be downloaded.

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