To add text in the center of your QR Code, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Scanova account

  2. Click on the saved QR Codes tab on dashboard

  3. Click on the QR Code you want to edit

  4. Click on Design & Download button on the top right corner

  5. Click on Customize button under Custom with logo design. Logo tab will open by default

  6. Click on Text As Logo. Here you can choose a template, add your own text, and change text color and font

  7. Once your QR Code is ready, say after you add text and customize the QR Code design, click on Update to save the changes

  8. Click on Download. A window will open prompting you to specify QR Code image size and format

  9. Once you've specified all the details, click on Export. Your QR Code with text in center will be downloaded

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