On Feb 21, 2019, Scanova QR Code Generator officially migrated the ‘Shared Campaigns’ (or ‘Multi-user Access’) feature to ‘Users’ feature. If you are a customer with Pro Subscription, you might have been affected with this migration. Please see the details given below:

About Shared Campaign/Multi-user Access & Limitations

Before Feb 21, 2019, this feature was available to Pro users of Scanova’s QR Code Generator tool. 

Using this feature, Pro users could share ‘Campaign/s’ (or Campaign Folders) with other existing Pro Scanova users or new users with one of the following permission levels:

1. Administrator: Could add, edit, delete QR Codes and pages, view analytics, and edit campaign folder

2. Manager: Could edit/delete QR Codes and pages, view analytics, and edit campaign information

3. Viewer: Could view analytics only

While this was a useful feature, it had many limitations. Given below are a few :

  • Account owners could only share a single Campaign at a time. There was no option to allow access to entire account

  • Many Pro users did not create Campaign folders and could not invite users without creating unnecessary Campaigns

  • There was no clear distinction between the Owner of the account and a shared user with Administrator access

  • The complexity of this feature required a certain learning curve that affected the Pro user’s overall experience

To make this feature easy-to-use, straightforward, and in-line with the expectations of our existing customers, we have now deprecated this feature and migrating to a simpler version called ‘Users’. 

About New Feature: ‘Users’

The ‘Users’ feature has three roles or permission levels:

  1. Owner: By default, the registered user of the account is the Owner with full rights, including inviting other users

  2. Admin: The account Admin has rights to access all campaigns; create, design, edit, and manage QR Codes; view and export analytics; and manage settings (custom domain, analytics integrations, leads integrations) but cannot:

  •  Invite or remove users

  •  Delete account

  • Receive email notifications (expiry, billing, etc.)

  • View or edit billing information

3. Viewer: Can only view and export scan analytics, and leads data and analytics

Using this feature, the account Owners can simply invite other users (Note: Invitees should not have existing Scanova accounts registered with invitation email address) to access the same account (compared to sharing specific Campaign folders), depending on the above permission levels. 

I am a Pro user (Owner) and I have shared campaigns with other users. How does this affect me? 

Firstly, please note that this migration has not affected the functioning of any Dynamic QR Codes. This feature has only affected the access level of the people related to the account. Given below are details:

  1. The roles of the current invited users will automatically be updated in the following manner:

  • AdministratorAdmin

  • ManagerAdmin

  • ViewerViewer

2. Instead of specific campaigns, all invited users (Admin, Viewer) will be able to view and access all QR Code and campaigns. Specifically, Admin users will now be able to manage all QR Codes and campaigns. 

3. New invitations to users will mean access to all QR Codes and campaigns

4. You will no longer be able to invite users to access specific campaigns only

If you are not a Pro user (i.e. you’re on Lite, UltraLite, or Standard plan), this migration will not affect you in any way. 

If you have any questions or concerns related to this feature migration, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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