Depending on whether your video is hosted online or saved in your device, there are two ways in which you can create a video QR Code:

  • If the video is hosted online:

If your video is hosted online, you simply need to copy the link of the video and save it in Website URL QR Code. Click here to see how to create a Website URL QR Code.

  • If video is not hosted online (saved in personal device): 

If your video is saved in your personal device, then you'll need follow these steps:

a. Upload the video on a cloud storage site like Google drive, Dropbox, AWS S3, etc.
b. Copy the video's shareable link
c. Log into your Scanova account. If you are a new user, sign-up for a 14 day free trial using this link
d. Choose the Website URL QR Code from the recommended category
e. Paste the link of your video and click on Create QR Code
f. Enter a name for your QR Code and click on Save
g. You can then proceed to Design & Download your QR Code

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