Yes. Using Scanova there are two ways to generate QR Codes in bulk:

1.QR Batch 

QR Batch is Scanova's batch Generation is a service. It allows you generate a large number of custom-designed static QR Codes (Vcard, Website URL, Simple Text, and Serial Code QR Codes).

Here is how you can avail the service:

First, make a spreadsheet having data to be encoded in QR Codes. The first column must always be QR Code filename (such as QR Code 1).
Sencond column onwards, data varies with the type of QR Codes to be created. For example—second column contains website URLs in case of Website URL QR Codes.

Here's how you can create QR Code in bulk: Create QR Codes in bulk

2. QR Code APIs & SDK

The other way to generate QR Codes in bulk is to use Scanova’s APIs. 

For more information on APIs, see Scanova’s QR Code APIs.

Also, if you are making an app/information system and want to generate QR Codes in high volume within the app/information system, you can integrate Scanova’s QR Code Generation API with your own information system or mobile app and generate a QR Code anytime (based on a trigger request). For more information, see QR Code SDK.

Hope this was helpful. If you have any further questions regarding batch generation or APIs, please reach out to our support team at [email protected].

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