Scanova allows you a deep insight in customer behaviour by tracking time, geography and device.

You can easily share this data with a client/user (up to 20 users) via our Users feature

Follow the given steps to allow a user to view your campaign data:

  • Login to your account on Scanova
  • Click on Settings tab on dashboard and go to the Users tab
  • Under the Add Users category, enter the email ID of the user
  • Choose the level of access:
  1. Administrator - Can add, edit, delete QR Codes, view analytics, edit campaign information
  2. Viewer - Can only view QR Codes and analytics
  • Once you have chosen the level of access, click on Send Invite
  • Please note, you can only send an invite to one user at a time.To share more invites, repeat from step number 4
  • Users will receive an email notification of the invite and will be able to view the QR Codes and analytics in your account
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