Yes, you can password-protect your Dynamic QR Codes. (See: What is the difference between Dynamic and Static QR Codes?)

Here’s how you can do it:

1.Login to your Scanova account

2. Create a new QR Code. Say you want to create a Website URL QR Code. Select Website URL from QR Code categories and enter the link of your website, video, etc.

3. Click Create QR Code

4. A pop-up will appear wherein you can change the name of the QR Code

5. In the same pop-up, click Add Password Protection and enter the password

6. Click Save

That’s it. Your QR Code will be password protected.

You can then download the QR Code and share it on print media. Only the authorized personnel having the password will be able to access the data in QR Code.

You can even edit the password of your password-protected QR Code. Here’s how:

1.Login to Scanova and go to Saved QR Codes

2. Select the QR Code and enter the new password

3. Click Update

This will update the password without changing the QR Code.

This is what the landing page will look like once someone scans the QR Code on their smartphone:

Once the password is entered, one can access the data encoded in QR Code.

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