To receive payments via Paypal using QR Code, you will first need to create a Paypal QR Code.

When a Paypal QR Code is scanned, it redirects users to Paypal payment page with company info, product name, and amount.

Here's how you can create one:

  • Login to your account on Scanova.

  • Click on the Business category and select the Paypal QR Code

  • Enter the required details and click on Create QR Code

  • A Save QR Code window will open. Enter a name for the QR Code

  • You can also choose the QR Code type i.e. Static or Dynamic. See the difference between Static and Dynamic QR Code here. Note that Static QR Code is not available in free trial. It can only be created if you have a paid account

  • Your QR Code will be generated and you will get three design options to choose from - Standard, Custom Logo Design, and Custom Background Design

  • You can either design and customize your QR Codes or directly download any of the three options

Tip : Always scan & test your QR Code before downloading the final image.

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