Scanova’s Lead Generation feature allows you to capture and save leads from print marketing campaigns.

Follow these simple steps to add Lead Generation to your QR Codes.

A. Create Leads List

Leads List is a database (spreadsheet) that records data of the captured leads.

1. Login to your Scanova account. If you are a new user, sign up here

2. From the dashboard, select the Leads option from the top navigation bar

3. Click on the New List option

4. From the New List window that opens

  1. Give your list a Name

  2. You can add or remove list fields according to your campaign requirements

5. Select Create option

B. Add Lead Generation to QR Code

1. From the dashboard, click on Generator to create a new QR Code

2. Choose the QR Code type (e.g., Website URL, PDF, App Store, etc.)

3. Add content (e.g., website link, upload PDF, app store links, etc.) and click on Create QR Code

4. A Save QR Code window will open. In this window:

  1. Choose List name (created in Step A) from the drop down menu

  2. Enter Instruction Text (See mobile preview image to know where this text will appear)

  3. Customize form fields (The fields will automatically be imported from the chosen List)

  4. Enter Button Text

  5. Choose the Campaign Folder to save your QR Code

  6. Give your QR Code a Name

  7. Select the Capture Leads option

  8. Select Save to generate the QR Code

C. View Analytics and Export Leads Data

1. Select Leads from Scanova’s dashboard

2. Click on the name of the list

3. Filter leads by date and List name and click Apply to view Analytics

4. Click on Export to download the leads in CSV format

D. Update Lead Generation Setup in QR Code

1. Select Saved QR Codes from Scanova’s dashboard

2. Click on the name of the QR Code campaign that has the QR Code

3. Select the QR Code

4. Make necessary changes in the Lead Generation section and click on Update Lead Generation

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