If you are planning to generate Dynamic QR Codes using Scanova, but do not want your end-users to see any Scanova branding in the URLs (e.g., regular Scanova Dynamic QR Codes are encoded with short URLs of the format http://scnv.io/ABCD), then you can use a feature called 'Custom Domain' or 'Custom Short URL'.

Using this feature, your QR Codes will be encoded with say http://qr.mywebsite.com/ABCD instead of http://scnv.io/ABCD. However, you will still be able to use the dynamic features of Scanova such as scan tracking and editing QR Code content.

Note that this feature is only available to Pro users. See Plans & Pricing.

Here is how to setup and use this feature:

1. Create a sub-domain that points to scnv.io:

● Go to your domain hosting service provider (GoDaddy, Digital Ocean, AWS, Plesk, etc.)

● Choose the domain of your choice (the URLs in the QR Codes will be of this domain)

● Go to DNS Settings on the chosen domain

● Create a new CNAME record with the following values:

○ Sub-domain/ Hostname : qr or scan or any short name of your choice (Note that some DNS settings may require you to enter complete sub-domain e.g.,

○ Alias /Canonical: scnv.io (this temporarily gives Scanova control over the

sub-domain to allow you to use Scanova’s advanced features)

○ TTL value can be specified to 43200

● The above step will create a new sub-domain owned by you, pointing

towards Scanova’s domain scnv.io

2. Add the new sub-domain to Scanova Pro account:

● Login to your Pro account

● Go to Dashboard > Settings > Custom Domain

● Click on ‘Add’ and enter the new sub-domain created in Step 1

● Once you add the domain, the tool will verify if the sub-domain points to scnv.io. Note that sometimes it will take up to 24 hours before our system can recognize the changes on your subdomain

● Add the TXT Record (mentioned in the instructions box) to verify domain ownership. Add @ in host/name/hostname field. 

● Click on I've done this. If you receive a message ‘Verified Successfully’, then setup is complete

3. Generate Dynamic QR Code using Custom Domain feature:

  • Go to QR Code Generator and create a new QR Code

  • In the Save QR Code window, select the Customize URL hash option under Advanced Settings

  • In the domain part of the URL, you will see a dropdown menu that will now allow you to select your custom sub-domain

  • The QR Code you generate using this sub-domain will be have now have no Scanova branding

If you have completed all steps above and still are facing issues in setup, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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