If you are Teacher, Student or represent any Educational institution, you can use Scanova for free. However, you must list Scanova on the Resources, Credits, or equivalent section on the institution's website or your public profile on your institutions website.

Given below are instructions on how to credit Scanova:

1. Add the following anchor text and link on the relevant page

Anchor Text: Scanova

Link: https://scanova.io/?utm_source=scanova-for-education&utm_medium=edu&utm_campaign=referral


2. Simply add this code in the HTML of the relevant page

<div><a href="https://scanova.io/?utm_source=scanova-for-education&utm_medium=edu&utm_campaign=referral" title="Scanova">Scanova QR Code Generator</a></div>

Giving credit to Scanova will help us continue our services for free for educational purposes.

Once you have completed the above steps, please send an email to [email protected] mentioning your registered email Id and URL to the webpage on which you have added the link. Thereafter we will upgrade your account to Scanova for education for lifetime validity wherein you'll be able to create upto 100 QR Codes (both Static and Dynamic).

Contact [email protected] for any further questions or information.

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