With Scanova, you can create two kinds of QR Codes—Dynamic and Static. The choice to make QR Code Dynamic or Static is available during generation of QR Code.  Note that Static QR Codes are unavailable in Free Trial.

Dynamic QR Codes

A Dynamic QR Code requires an ongoing subscription. If you subscription has expired, all Dynamic QR Codes will deactivate (but not deleted). You can reactivate these QR Codes simply by starting a subscription. See list of QR Codes that can be Dynamic.

A Dynamic QR Code is an advanced QR Code that has multiple features useful for marketers such as content editability, scan tracking, readymade landing pages, activation/deactivation, file hosting, and lead generation.

Static QR Codes

A Static QR Code does not require an ongoing subscription. A Static QR Code will continue to work even if a subscription expires. However, unlike Dynamic QR Codes, Static QR Codes are very basic and do not have much functionality. See list of QR Codes that can be Static.

List of QR Codes—Dynamic, Static, or Both

Only Dynamic

  1. Dynamic Vcard

  2. Social Media

  3. Coupon

  4. Image

  5. Audio

  6. Rich Text

  7. PDF

  8. App Store

Both Dynamic and Static

  1. Website URL

  2. LinkedIn

  3. Youtube Video

  4. Paypal

  5. Tweet

  6. Google Maps

  7. Facebook

Only Static

  1. Simple Text

  2. Simple Vcard

  3. Wifi

  4. Calendar Event

  5. Email Address

  6. Phone Number

  7. Bitcoin

  8. SMS

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