To create a QR Code with transparent background, follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to your Scanova account

  2. Click on Saved QR Codes tab

  3. Click on QR Code you wish to edit. If you haven't created a QR Code, you can create one by clicking on New QR Code

  4. Click on Design & Download

  5. Click on Customize under Standard Design option. If you've already chosen design, skip to the next step

  6. Click on Background tab and click on Make Transparent tab

  7. Click on Update button to save the changes

  8. You can then download your QR Code image in the size and format you need

  9. Test your QR Code by placing it over the background on which you intend to print/paste it and then scan your QR Code

Note: For a QR Code to be scannable, it's important that there is a high contrast between the QR Code and its background. So, if your background color is dark, choose the color of your QR Code light and vice versa.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]

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