Using Scanova, you can create two types of QR Codes in your free trial period - Dynamic and Static.

Dynamic QR Codes will expire and not work when scanned after the 14-day free trial period ends. To keep them active, you will have to subscribe to one of Scanova's subscription plans. See plans & pricing.

Important Update: If you need a single Dynamic QR Code to work forever without subscription, you can opt for our UltraLite plan. This plan allows you to create and manage 1 Dynamic QR Code for a one-time fee of USD 150. See plans & pricing.

Dynamic QR Codes allow you to edit target URLs at anytime without the need to create a new QR Code. They are also trackable and you can see scan analytics in your account.

The following QR Codes are always Dynamic:

  • Social Media Links

  • Vcard Profile

  • Rich Text

  • PDF File

  • Image

  • Audio

  • App Store Links

  • Coupon

Static QR Codes are permanent and will remain active forever. You don't need to subscribe to Scanova to keep your static QR Codes active. However, you will not be able to edit content or track scanning activity of your static QR Codes.

The following QR Codes are always Static:

  • Calendar Event

  • Simple Vcard

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Simple Text

  • Bitcoin Address

  • Wifi

  • Text Message

The following QR Codes can either be Static or Dynamic (the choice is available while saving the QR Code in your Scanova account):

  • Website URL

  • Paypal

  • LinkedIn

  • Google Maps

  • Youtube Video

  • Facebook

  • Tweet

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