QR Code Bulk Generation helps you create a large number of QR Codes in a short period of time (typically minutes) using an online tool called QR Batch. The output is a zip folder containing the required QR Code images.

Here is what you need to do to create QR Codes in bulk:

  1. Go to Scanova’s QR Batch tool and Sign-up

  2. Choose the QR Code category amongst Website URL, Serial Code/Plain Text, and VCard

  3. Upload the data file in CSV, XLS or XLSX format

  4. Next, match the fields from the uploaded data file. Select the category from the drop option and click Confirm. You can also click Skip for the column you don’t need in the final sheet

  5. Click Next

  6. You’ll see three QR Code designs on your screen. You can proceed to customize or select any of the three options

  7. Once your QR Code is ready, say after you design it, click Select Design

  8. A pop-up will appear prompting you to enter the batch name, select image format, and enter the QR Code size. Once you enter the details, click Save

  9. Next, you’ll see the batch specifications and pricing. Click Proceed To Payment.

Once you make the payment, click on See Batch Progress.

You can download the batch once the status of the batch changes to ‘created’.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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